Location of Iphone Springboard Icons/Status bar Icons

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If you would like to change the icons for the status bar or springboard the location of the icons is:



Installing Applications on a Jailbroken Iphone

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  1. JailBroken Iphone
  2. Cydia


  1. Open Cydia
  2. Tap on “Manage”
  3. Tap on “Sources”
  4. Tap on “Edit” on top right then tap on “Add” on top left
  5. Type in “http://cydia.hackulo.us” Cydia will warn you about copyright information just tap ok
  6. Wait for repo to be added and updated.
  7. From search or hackulo.us repo directory, Install Appsync for OS 3.0!
  8. Install Installous
  9. Restart your phone
  10. Launch installous

You can also download the applications from http://appulo.us/appdb/ and then install them via Itunes.

How to change SMS vibration settings on the Iphone (3GS 3.0) without Wi-Fi

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What you need:


  1. Connect the Iphone
  2. Open IphoneBrowser
  3. Navigate to ‘/system/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Celestial.framework’ directory
  4. Find the file ‘SystemSoundVibrationPatterns.plist’
  5. Right-click and ‘save as’ and save the file somewhere
  6. Create a back up of the file, just in case.
  7. Go to the file that you have saved and open it in PLedit
  8. To change the SMS vibration settings can be done in 2 ways. Firstly, by changing <key>Default</key> and changing the values in there. Secondly and the way I have done it is inserting a new key specifically for SMS.
  9. Copy this new key and paste in the file (or grab the attached file, just rename to .plist):
  10. <key>SMSReceived_Alert</key>











  11. Save the file
  12. Go back to the file in the IphoneBrowser, right-click and select ‘Replace file’ and replace it with the new file
  13. Reboot Iphone and you are good to go.